Is there really A Gay Gene? As society searches for

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Is there really A Gay Gene? As society searches for the gene that cause behavioral characteristics such as; alcoholism, aggression, intelligence, and even sexual orientation, the media continues to eat up the findings of researchers whose procedures are inherently flawed. ? In July of 1993, a science journal publisher a study by Dean Hamer which claimed there might be a gay gene.? Narth Sept 30, 2002.

The pubic was very misled. National Public Radio, were thrilled at Hamers finding.? Newsweek ran the cover story ?Gay Gene?? The Wall Street Journal announced, ?Research Points Towards Gay Gene?Normal Variation?. Narth Sept 30, 2002. Most of the readers were urged to believe that homosexuality had been proven to be ?born that way?. Narth Sept 30,2002. Why not Ann Lander a columnist said the same thing? When two American activists published studies say if one identical twin is gay then the second twin will be, too.

This wasn?t so in only half of the cases, but on the basis, they claim that ?homosexuality is genetic?, Narth Sept. 30,2002. Dean Hamer, gay gene researcher was asked by Scientific American in homosexuality was rooted solely in biology. He replied: ?Absolutely not. From twin studies, we already know that half or more of the variability in sexual orientation is not inherited. Our studies try to pinpoint the genetic factors.. not the psychosocial factors? Narth Sept 30, 2002 Reporters and Scientist are very clever in the words that they choose to use. By using words that most human don?t know or mean we just over look them, and don?t word between the lines. Such Narth Sept 30,2002 found in Hamer, D.H et al. ?Male Sexual Orientation and Genetic Evidence,? Science 262(1993) Pg. 2063-65, the following, ? the question of the appropriate significance level to apply to a...

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