There was a girl named Abby Kimmel who had arranged

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There was a girl named Abby Kimmel who had arranged for her and her best friend named Merle Diamond to go to camp together for 2 months at Pincrest Camp for Girls.

Merle's dad was an actor, and every summer went to different places in the world to shoot film scenes. This year however was different, Merle's mother wanted to have a normal summer like any other 10 year old girl. So she decided to send her to camp.

When Merle found out she was really upset because, she wouldn't be spending the summer with Abby. Being Merle's friend and all, Abby decided to try and convince her parents to let her go with Merle.

Abby's parents weren't to thrilled about the idea, seeing that she has never stuck with an idea for more than a matter of days. As soon as she got sick of the idea she would complain until she finally got to come home.

Abby was not about to give up there, she made and left notes all around the apartment hinting at what she wanted to do in the summer.

Abby's parents gave in seeing, that she wasn't going to give up until she got her way.

The agreed to see a slid show of what the camp has to offer Abby.

After the show her parent's decided it would be a good experience for her to be on her own for a while.

She was to go with Merle on July 1st for a 2-month adventure.

The night previous to her departure Abby was greeted with terrible news that Merle had sprained her ankle at dance class and was unable to attend camp that summer.

Abby was so mad, she was about to break out in tears.

Everything was going to end up in chaos. There was no way she could tell her parents she didn't want to go anymore after she begged and pleaded for them to allow her to go.

She had to go. There was no other option The next afternoon, she arrived at Pinecrest Camp. Old friends were reuniting together doing the traditional Pinecrest shake. Abby felt like such an outsider.

In terms of cabin arrangements she got stuck with two of the snobbiest girls in the world.

Bonnie and Phyllis were by far witches in training. They knew exactly what to say to spoil someone's good mood. Bonnie was sarcastic about everything, and Phyllis was Bonnie's follower. What ever Bonnie did Phyllis agreed with. Bonnie and Phyllis were inseparable in their clique of two. Abby was their main target. The constant teasing set Abby right off the cliff. Even once they loosened the bolts in her cot and when she laid in it, it dropped to the ground, and they put toothpaste on the toilet seat when Abby wasn't looking. This was how low they would go to make someone miserable.

It worked like a charm too. The first week Abby was dying to come home. Camp was horrible. She missed her parents and Merle already.

This was all before she met Roberta. Roberta arrived late because she was just getting over the chicken pox. Fortunately Roberta was in the same cabin as Abby. This was a great opportunity for Abby and Roberta to gain up on Bonnie and Phyllis when they picked on them. Abby and Roberta both shared the same hatred for Bonnie and Phyllis. They were the one's that have been the main people that the teased, and they had more fun that summer getting back at Bonnie and Phyllis then anything else.

Swimming was one of the greatest things Abby was relatively good at. She became a goldfish after her first swimming test. Goldfish were allowed to pass the first rope in the lake, into the deep end but couldn't go past the second rope. Fortunately the goldfish were entitled to dive. Guppies couldn't. Abby had such a hard time grasping the thought of landing in the water face first. What if she did a belly flop?? What if she hurt herself? These were risks she couldn't take. To much pressure was put on to do it and then more she put it off, Bonnie and Phyllis had something else to tease her about.

She finally attempted it and did great! Later that week, she received a letter from Merle.

It said that her ankle was feeling better and she got to go on another trip with her family.

She was hanging out with 13 year olds and even got her ears pierced. The one thing Abby and Merle promised they would never do was get their ears pierced. Abby could see a sudden change in Merle's attitude and behavior. Something weird was going on! It was finally the last week of camp and there was going to be an awards assembly! Roberta had a bad case of Asthma and allergic reactions. She won for the Infirmary's best customer. Then the swimming award was going out to the 10 year olds. Abby won for her courage in diving! She was so surprised! Before camp Abby and Roberta buried a pact in the dirt, saying that they were from now on camp sisters forever. Abby had made a new best friend. It was funny how she didn't even think about Merle anymore. I guess friends grow apart. It's just they way life goes.

I liked this book because the main location where the story is taken from. I really like camp stories. It really makes you feel like you are there in the story, with Abby.

It relates to real possible outcomes that might happen, like when Merle sprained her ankle and couldn't attend camp that summer. Or when Abby got two really rude bunkmates that made fun of her. Bad stuff like this always happens on vacations you get all excited about.

I didn't really like the story because it comes from a 10 year olds point of view. Everything in the story is so complex. Some points in the story you know the are totally fictional and would probably never happen though.

I think the author is trying to say that it's life, get over it. People change, like the way Merle changed. She was completely a different person after Abby left for camp.

Roberta and Abby became best friends, and I have to admit there are lots of people like Bonnie and Phyllis out there. People that are mean and selfish, who are cliquey and don't except people who are different then, them who are not in their group.

Bad stuff happens all the time like when Merle sprained her ankle and couldn't go to camp.

5 Adjectives that would describe this story are: Humorous Fast paced Interesting Realistic Adventurous If I had to describe this book to a friend I would say: " Abby , has experienced that there is always room for new best friends." Bibliography: O'Connor, Jane. Your Till Niagara Falls, Abby.

The Putnam & Grosset Group, New York, 1997.

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