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According to me, the story " The cask of Amontillado" has a very common theme to it. Taking revenge on a person by using his greatest passion against him. However, the story perfectly portrays how gullible people can become when someone even if he is their enemy tells them that they are experts in a particular field and that they need their expert advice in a particular matte and ultimately end up paying severely for their ignorance. Like, in "The cask of Amontillado" the author is fed up with the numerous insults borne upon him by Fortunato and vows to take revenge on him and that to in a severe way. He knows that Fortunato has great pride in himself about his vast knowledge about wines and the author decides to use that against him. He meets Fortunato at a carnival and manages to convince him that he has brought a large amount of Amontillado but he has doubts about its quality and that he would need his expert advice.

Fortunato falls into the trap and accompanies him into his vault. There the author chains Fortunato to the walls and buries the entrance with a large pile of bricks and in this way avenging himself. " The cask of Amontillado" is just one of the stories whose moral is that pride often leads to fall. In other words that sometimes a persons greatest passion can become him biggest enemy. Fortunato's greatest passion was in the field of wine and using this to his advantage the author managed to convince him to accompany him to his vaults to test the quality of Amontillado he had supposedly bought and in this way managed to rid himself once and for all of Fortunato and his insults and injuries.

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