Their Eyes Were Watching God

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It all started on "The Mickey Mouse Club" one fateful day, Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse was talking to the Kids. Mr. T was a guest on the show for the first time so he did not know how to act around them. Mickey ask Mr. T why did he choose that repulsive hair cut to star in all those cheap movies and dumd movies, Just then Mr. T got up like he was getting ready to hit Mickey but he just walk over and sat besides some kids. Mickey asked another question " how come u stop wearing that fake gold, did your neck break out or something" then Mickey Mouse and all of the kids started to point and laugh at Mr. T. Mr. T yelled "Stop Laughing at me" Mickey started to laugh even harder." Mr. T could believe what he was hearing, Mickey Mouse who Mr.

T have been watching since he was Lil-T was making fun of him. Mr. T thought to his self "Maybe Mickey is playing with me" then Mickey said "Mr. T is such a punk, he never have a girl with him" just then Minnie Mouse walked in and gave Mickey Mouse a kiss." Mr. T just broke down and started to cry, then the kids threw pop corn at Mr. T. When that had happend Mr. T got up and ran out of the show yelling" Im gonna get you Mouse ," and right before he mad it out of the door he fell over a box of Mickey Mouse Hats. After that Mickey turned to the kids and said "So kids what have we learned today?" The kids said "We learned that Mr. T is not as tough as he seems" they replied, and so it ended.

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