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T H A I L A N D By: Christopher Cozad INTRODUCTION Thailand formerly known as Saim, it is located by Burma, Laos,Camdoidia and South Vietniam. The coast is on the gulf of Siam right next to the South Chiana sea. Thailand lies with in the Indochines Peninsula the country, is about 1100 miles west to east and from north to south it is about 500 miles. The land from differs they have high mountains and low planes extreme elevation occurs in the western most ranges which extends along the Burmese frontier and rise to 8514 feet atop Doi Inthanon it is the highest point in Thailand.

THAI TRANSPORTATION The Thai railroad systems which to system which totals about 3735km(2320mi) of track is owned and operated by the state consisting of a network of lines radiation from Bangkok the system extends as far north as Thani to Vientiane.

THE CLIMATE The climate is always moist even when the typhoons come according to the season, Temperatures ranges from 25.6

to 36.7C (78 to 98F) while the country is under southwest winds during the rest of the year. It very from 13.3 to 33.3C (56 to 92F) the annual rainfall is about 1525mm about 60 Inches in the north western and central regions are about 2540mm (100in) or the most rainfall during June to October.

(1) NATURAL RESOURCES Thailand is rich in natural resources among the minerals are coal, gold, lead, tin, tungsten, manganese, minc and precious stones in addition the country has many large forest that produce teak for export the rich alluvial soil along the Chao Phraya and other rivers constitutes another important resources POPULATION The inhabitants of Thailand are primarily Thai a people who are thought to have originated in southwestern Chain and migrated to southeast Asia at...

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