A Terrible Accident

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While looking for success, humans have to adapt to many enviroments.

For my own experience when I moved from mexico, it was hard for me to overcome many difficulties. For example, the language barriers, school, people, and traditions. The most difficult thing was getting used to a new enviroment, even though I am a person that likes to interact with people from other cultures, I still found it difficult.

During this time, my first semestrer studing here in the United States, the biggest difficulty was the language. The first day in school, I remember that I was sitting next to someone who did not speak Spanish and was not from Mexico. She was Japanese and she did not speak English eather. It made me realize the reason I was here in a country that offers better opportunities.

It was to become a better person in many aspects of life.

Even though I have to admit that in certain circunstances I wished to go back to my country, but after a while I noticed that the best opinion was to adapt myself and search the way to set up goals and do not give up even if I felt lost.With the time, while getting involve, participating in activities, I adapt my self to my new lifestyle faster that I thought. At that time I had planned to overcome any difficults, and all of those things that seemed different and new for me are now part of my life and I enjoy them. I realized that some of these experiences had been good and some had been bad, but I am a very optimistic person and I will be very succesfull in any kind of enviroment or institution that I plan to attend.

For this reason, now it is easier for me to make a decision where I an going to study with out fear of changes. I learned that the most important thing is being confident and trust in my self, and I am sure I will challenge myself to go all the way through. I won't give up until I had reach my goals.

Now the langeage in not an obstacule, now it is a quality that I have, as is the

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