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Michael came home from work anticipating a warm embrace from his wife, only to find an empty house. He pressed the play button on his machine, "Honey, I'm stuck in the Trade Center, I don't know if I will see you again, but I will always love you." Michael's life was forever changed, as are the lives of those around him. Families, communities, the economy, and life were drastically changed in an instant on September 11th due to hate. The malicious act of terrorism creates immense human suffering, the separation of human race, and mass destruction.

Thousands and thousands of people were scared either mentally, emotionally, physically from the cluttered damage that occurred on the eleventh of September. New York families have lost a child, spouse, friend, or cousin and even people here in Canada knew of someone that was affected, which shows that it caused devastation to many. Some of the helpless victims were either on their way to work, some in their homes, and others were just walking on the streets of New York, and either way citizens were affected somehow.

Survivor Kenneth Johannman said surely, "No human can come here unaffected" (Bondareef 26). By simply observing the buildings, either in reality, in newspapers or on television, was an experience itself. Captain Sheldon Smith of the DC National Guard said that, "After viewing scenes so horrifying as this you come back emotionally staggered" (Bondareef 32). Studies are showing that after such an extraordinary event such as this people will experience fear, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, nervousness at sudden noises and inability to concentrate (Krauthammer). Hospitals sent out more than 250 ambulances to accommodate the injured (Millsap 52), which is believable, seeing that more than 30,000 people visit the Trade Centers daily (Jimenez 13). As well, there were so many burn victims that New York Hospital Center contacted Texas Medical Center and requested that they transport 69 square feet of human skin (Millsap 54) and that alone was just the burn victims. The general public has been unable to accept the fact that this actually transpired in the United States of America. Physician Mark Heath said, "No one was really saying anything, they were all in shock (Millsap 61). Consequently, the young, the old, the rich or the poor, no matter where you were, this act of terrorism added wretchedness to everyone, either physically or psychologically and now civilians can no longer view life in the same way.

Innocent North American Muslims, Arabians, and Pakistanis are being hurt and alienated from the rest of the community due to the attack that occurred on September eleventh. The accused terrorists are supposedly of a Muslim background; however, worthy American citizens who are of a Muslim race have been forced to deal with the consequences. It has been reported from many schools, that young Muslims have been physically threatened. In a Burlington school, several white children have pushed them insolently into lockers or walls and denounced them are "murderers" and "butchers" (Boase A4). One of the children said, "You guys are killers, and we are going to get you!" (Boase A4). These children are being isolated from the rest of the school, neighborhood and friends for reasons unjust. Another incident that occurred after the attack was a local mosque was being set on fire. Their church should not be put up into flames because other Muslims committed sin. Mira Khattab said that, "Even if Muslim people did do this, what does it have to do with us? We're Canadians" (Boase A4). People should understand that these people resemble us and they also feel sick about what occurred in the heart of the nation. The terrorist group who attacked America did not do it because of their religion. It was politics that motivated them (Broase A4), and that should be embroidered into Americans and Canadians mentality. Therefore, once this is accomplished guiltless Muslims will stop being held responsible for other's actions.

The disturbing act of terrorism, not only created racism, and caused the death tolls to rise, it also created rubble and demolition of two one hundred and ten story buildings that were famous historical landmarks. The trade centers were composed of 200,000 tons of steel, glass, concrete, which is enough to build twenty Eiffel towers (Zeff 62). Two hundred thousand tons are now scattered over Manhattan. Debris toppled over many buildings and filled the air turning it black. Worker Abdullah James said " I wasn't sure if I was blind or if it was black, I was suffocating" (Jimenez A4). Not only did the Twin Towers and the Pentagon collapse (Zeff 62), but there were also several other buildings that partially collapsed, which included the Marriott Hotel, One Liberty Plaza, and St. Nicolas Church (Zeff 62). The underground train service is also destroyed and will take years to repair. The electricity, telephone and water services were knocked out as well (Zeff 63). The first few weeks alone could cost $200 million (Zeff 62), which certainly proves that the damage is horrific. Local citizen Jackie Switson said, " The city is turned upside down. It is not Manhattan, it is a dumpster" (Stein). The Trade Centers were the center of business and now the city is trying to rebuild the "infrastructure" (Krauthhammer) that has erupted. As a result, Bush stated that "Terrorist attacks cannot shake the foundations of America" and that it can only shake "the foundations of the biggest buildings" (Jimenez 12) and that is exactly what it did.

Racism created within the communities, afflicted pain among humans and a heap of destruction cause terrorism to be an unjust act with cold-blooded consequences. North American Muslims are being accused, threatened and tormented by those in their neighborhood. Thousands of people have either passed on, been wounded or have been emotionally troubled from the attacks. Lastly, the bombings have created the famous historical sites of the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon to be shattered and caused the city of New York, generally, to be frenzied. From this, civilians witnessed an excessive amount of bloodshed and violence weaved into one. Terrorism, a word with so many meanings was summed up into few by President Bush. Bush concluded that September eleventh was nothing but "despicable acts of terror" (Jimenez 13), which was exactly what it was.

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