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[The tennis player winds up to the net, but... his opponent smashes an overhead so he has to run back and drive a forehand shot over the net towards his opponent and his opponent must receive with an easy backhand, as he had had to stretch. With the advantage, the tennis player prepares for the hard forehand winner but...]

Tennis is slowly increasing in the number of injuries occurring. They may be just from a simple leg or arm injury to a broken bone in the body, maybe while diving for a ball.

But, the most common sports injury while playing tennis is the leg cramp injury. A leg cramp is the result of a muscle repeating the same motion too many times, and so the mechanism for telling the muscle to relax just, disappears. This cause, in short is called muscle fatigue.

[But... suddenly, the player drops and misses the shot completely while on the ground holding on to his foot with an extremely painful look.

He has lost the championship match, as the only way is to forfeit the rest of the games.]

A perfect example would be Patrick Rafter, who in the past has had up to 5 or 6 championship games resulting with a forfeit from a leg cramp mostly or other injuries that he had to overcome. In the past, some of Patrick's games have resulted in injuries. The most recent in the year 2000, when he had reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open,

Patrick lost his match to Andre Agassi from serious leg cramps and heavy sweating. Another was losing in the Wimbledon Final against Pete Sampras from wrist injury and another cramp.

A famous injury named after the sport even is the tennis elbow. This is caused by the tearing...

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