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A teenagers freedom to choose their own beliefs gives them the oppurtunity to view religion in various ways. Even though it is a constitutional right, many years ago parents forced their religion onto their children giving them very little freedom to explore and learn. Now teenagers can choose their own beliefs freely while parents only offer a suggestion of the right path. The impressionable minds of teenagers are also influenced by various other devices. Teenagers not only get to choose their religion and beliefs of "Gods" they also choose their forms of spirituality. Besides their religion and spirituality, teens also have to decide their views on such things as miricles, fate and destiny, and also death. With all this responsibilty a teenager grows an awareness of the world around them and the power of their own minds.

When a teenager is asked what religion they are many would say the religion of their parents.

But in this point in history many have decided what they believe and found a religion to fufill those needs. Amy Marie Yu was raised baptist. She spent several of her later teen years reaserching religions as diverse as Quakerism and Buddhism, but none of them resonated with her growing awareness of her own beliefs or satisfactorily addressed all the issues she wanted her religion to address. Shortly after starting college she learned of Wicca. In a forum on her webpage, Amy stated that" Wicca honors what I am as a women and a human being interconnected with all other life on this planet." Another more popular of the newer forms of religion is Agnostic. People who are consitered Agnostic are those who belive they will never know of a god until their death. They do not claim "God's" exsistance, non-exsistance, or...

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