Technology and its major advantages

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In this everyday changing world, where technology is playing a major role has its pros and cons. No doubt technology has lot of disadvantages but I think majority of the people will agree that technology has brought more benefits compared to the disadvantages.

The field in which technology has played a very important role is Communication, education, medical and agriculture.

Gone are the days when people used to wait for months to receive letters from their loved ones, who stayed away from them just hundred miles away. Now the advancement from simple telephone to Fax, to mobile phones, to computers to laptops and now the palmtops has made communication very easy and affordable. Internet has changed the world of communication - just by click of the mouse you can travel around the world, that too while sitting in your bedroom. Videoconferencing has reduced the cost of traveling and time for the corporate world.

Education has improved drastically from the ages of open schools under tree to the recent sophisticated classroom with all the hi tech system, which provides the student with the latest information and a better teaching environment. Computers have been introduced in the syllabus for students as young as class II or class III . Students of lower classes are learning mathematics and other subjects by means of computer games.

Medical field has had a major revolution because of technology. Gone are the days when people used to die of malaria and tuberculosis, today we have cure for almost 90 to 95 percent of all diseases which were incurable some decades ago. From simple X rays to Ultrasound scan to C.T. Scan and today M.R.I. scan, Biomedical engineering has brought revolution in the field of investigations and procedures on patients. Genetic engineering today has made possible to interfere...

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