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I really enjoyed the ropes course at Pine Grove. It really taught me a lot about working with groups, gave me a chance to get to know my classmates better, and gave me the opportunity to gain insight. I think being out there showed us what things we will have to look forward to if we are to work in the group setting. Not only did the ropes course provide us with valuable information to work with groups, but it also gave us the chance to observe ourselves and objectively look at our place in the social work profession.

When we first arrived at the ropes course, we were given information about safety tips and told about certain rules of confidentiality. We were never to disclose any names or things we may or may not see. We were also asked to name things we wished to accomplish by being there.

We then moved on to playing a game with fluffy balls. We all formed a big circle and got ready to begin. The object of the game was to throw the ball until everybody has had the chance to catch it; but before you threw it, you call the person's name. We showed such great unity throughout this game, and I was very proud of each and every one of us. After we successfully finished the game, we moved unto two balls and finally too three. At three balls, it got somewhat difficult. We did not let this get us down. We worked together and came up with solutions; and because of this, we triumphed.

After that game we did a final game of walking on logs and boards. This game seemed very difficult, so before we got started, the facilitator made us get rid of our negativity and the negativity we may face. Hopefully, by this, we would be able to get through the game by helping each other and offering encouraging words.

At first, we started off pretty good. The group was working together; we were helping each other and throwing out suggestions to make the game easier. As time went on, people started becoming more discouraged. The group was starting to fall apart. A few people started making comments that were not encouraging. A few people finished the game before we had to stop due to time.

At the end, the facilitator had us to explain some of the things that went on and some of the experiences we faced. We also got the chance to express our thoughts and what we had accomplished. He was very upset at the comments that were being made and all the negativity that went on.

I felt bad about the way some of the group acted, and I was also a little upset. I hope we are all able to realize that we will be working on these types of things in this profession. We may even be working with people that are not as mobile, so we will have to be able to handle ourselves with patience and understanding. Going to this course taught me how to achieve some of these things, and I also saw some of these things show up in my classmates.

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