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Teen Pregnancy The issue of teen pregnancy within today’s society has become a problem along with drugs and violence. This occurs not only in the inner city street life but also among many decent American teenagers. It is said to affect 4 in 10 young women. 8 of these pregnancies are unintended and 79 percent are to unmarried teens (Teen Pregnancy Facts and Stats). This suddenly introduces an element of reality into the problem of pregnancy. Much of this is stated in Chapter Four of Code of the Street entitled, “The Mating Game.” Page 147 states, “…for many such girls who have few perceivable options, motherhood, accidental or otherwise, becomes a rite of passage to adulthood.” For what this statement says, teenagers soon find out that this is some what deceiving.

The causes of this problem is far from what we recognize pregnancy as being â€" a privilege. It is soon the effect of the temptations of street life which is a way into a social approval â€" peer pressure.

It is an attempt for the young women and men to gain status according to its principles and norms. This is clearly stated on page 143 of Code of the Street. Many young women and men, stated on the next page (page 144) are faced with a situation in order to survive in the setting of the street life. To survive is to be somewhat adapt to handling the streets, but to be streetwise is to risk one’s claim to decency; for many youths decency is often associated with being lame or square. It isn’t “cool” to be decent. But with this judgment we are getting more and more damage to financial health of the inner city and undermining the quality of available role models. Another cause of this sex...

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