The Teacher-Sarcasm Question         Concerning “The Teacher-Sarcasm Question”, I don’t think

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The Teacher-Sarcasm Question Concerning "The Teacher-Sarcasm Question", I don't think that the teacher is wrong for using sarcasm as a means of improving the student's performance. If using sarcasm will flip a switch in the students head to wake up and focus then so be it.

The teacher can only be a nice guy for so long before feeling that his gentle tactics are falling on deaf ears. Irritation will soon set in, and the teacher won't feel like much of a teacher. He'll feel more like the victim in "The Far Side" comic in which everything he says to the student registers as, "Blah, blah, Ginger, blah, Ginger, blah, blah…" The teacher - to - student routine obviously isn't working, so there is nothing wrong with the teacher trying to get down to a level in which the student can identify with. What else is there to resort to when you care more about the student's education than the student? Sarcasm might make him finally see the errs of his ways and thus make him a more diligent student.

After all the time wasted trying to be sensitive, venting through sarcasm can be a great release for the teacher. Now he can finally say what's been eating him up when the student refused to respond to his help. The student might even warm up to the teacher and now see him as an equal and not so much as a fuddy-duddy he can't relate with.

The student should not feel hurt by the teacher's means of using sarcasm to reach him. There was a time for sensitivity, but the student didn't take advantage of it. There is no reason for the student to be embarrassed or angry by the teacher's sarcasm because he's not even attempting to try to learn. The teacher has had his fair share of holding in his emotions and now it's the student's turn. So if the student thinks that it's unfair to use sarcasm, then he's just going to have to accept it. He must understand that the teacher is not trying to be mean; he is just trying to do his job of getting the student to learn. Animosity should not be held towards the teach, for the student should be mature enough to understand the difference between intentionally trying to hurt someone and playful sarcasm.

When a student is struggling, a teacher will try to help him understand. But when the student refuses to respond to the help, it's up to the teacher to take the matter into his own hands. One can only slap a helping hand away so many times before the help won't be there. The student should be grateful that the teacher hasn't reached the point in which he just ignores him and his problem leaving him to find out the hard way that underachieving just won't make the grade.

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