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Tatyana came into the room very excited. She did not know what to expect, but was very pleased to see me. She talked for a little bit about her chicken pox and what she had done this week. She was very eager to get started with the lesson, so we started right away.

I gave her a blank piece of paper and a box of markers. I asked her to draw a picture of what she had done the following week. She then grabbed the markers and started to draw herself with all of her chicken pox. It was a really cute picture, with a lot of detail. After she was done, I asked her to title the picture and then tell me a little about it. She then told me all about staying at home with grandma and dad. She was also very precise in telling me exactly how much they itched!! I then transitioned her into the next activity by getting the Garfield Reading Interest Inventory ready.

When she saw the Garfield Reading Interest Inventory, she got very excited. She took it from my hands and sat right down and got started. She was a little cautious at first, but was relieved when I told her that this was not a test. She read each question very carefully, and then precisely chose her answer. She was unsure about some, and took a little longer, but then was confident when she finally chose an answer. She was very excited to use an ink pen. I do not think she gets to use pens at school, just pencils. It was amazing what little things made her excited.

I then gave her the second reading interest inventory. She was a little unsure at first, because it was just one right after...

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