Sydney v. Pingree         It all started when husband, Dean Skylar,

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Sydney v. Pingree It all started when husband, Dean Skylar, and wife, Chris Ledbetter, conceived a child in wedlock. They had previously discussed their desire to give the child a combination of both their surnames. In March of 1982, the plaintiffs requested permission from the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services of the state of Florida to use the surname 'Skybetter' for their future child. Unfortunately, this request was denied based on the Florida Statute 382.16 5(a) which stated that: "A child conceived and born in wedlock shall be given the surname of his father on his birth certificate." In June of 1982, Sydney was born. The following day, a birth certificate had been completed by Dean and Chris, using 'Skybetter' as their child's surname. Because of the difference in surname from the father's, the application was not accepted from the hospital official who was responsible for transmitting birth certificate information to the office of vital statistics.

To date, at this point in the case, Sydney has no officially recognized surname and no birth certificate issued.

The issue in hand is the constitutionality of the Florida Statute 382.16 5(a). Subsequently, the plaintiffs decided to seek declatory judgment. The key question was whether this statute in question introduces upon a constitutionally protected right that both plaintiffs possess.

On a legal perspective in 1982, was the incidence of two important cases. In the case of 'Connecticut v. Teal,' the Supreme Court held that the employer is liable for racial discrimination when any part of the selection process shows any form of bias. In effect, the court makes it lucid that fair employment laws protect all individuals. In a second case titled 'Zipes v. Trans World Airlines,' it is clarified that there is indeed a requirement for filing a private lawsuit: timely filing of a charge is like a statue of limitations, and therefore is subject to equitable tolling and waivers. Essentially, there is a certain amount of time allotted to file a law suit after the action has occurred. If this time is surpassed, the lawsuit can be neglected.

Other random events that occurred in 1982 include a permanent heart implanted in a human for the first time. The first genetically engineered plant called the 'Flavr Savr' tomato was also approved for sale. The 'Columbia' space shuttle completes its first mission, deploying two communication satellites. 5.5 million Personal Computers were sold and the one-button click-and-point mouse was introduced. Furthermore, the U.S. post office begins installing optical scanners nationwide. The Oscar went to 'Gandhi' and the Nobel Prize in Literature was given to a Columbian writer. Along with advancing technology, racial diversity heightened as well. The current society was rapidly evolving.

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