"Study Suggests Akt3 Protein Is Key to Melanoma's Resistance to Chemotherapy"-Article Review

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Works Cited: Penn State "Study Suggests Akt3 Protein Is Key to Melanoma's Resistance to Chemotherapy" 27 Dec 2004 http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/12/041220013019.htm

The Akt3 protein is responsible for assisting in the survival and development of tumor cells for melanoma, and may be the reason that melanoma is resistant to chemotherapy. The Akt3 protein reduced the chances of cancer cells to respond to signals that would cause them to expire. The protein PTEN ensures that damaged cells are obliterated; however abnormal cells can inhibit PTEN. PTEN regulates Akt3 and when PTEN is inhibited, Akt3 accumulates and allows cancer cells to survive. Akt proteins have been found in various cancer cells. Gavin B. Robertson, who produced the study, used siRNA, or small interfering Ribonucleic Acids to target Akt3 and reduce the amount of the protein being produce. In addition, he inoculated PTEN into the melanoma cells and they started to expire. By using siRNA and PTEN, we would be able to assist in treating patients with melanoma.

This is related to our class because this is classified as cell biology. It discusses proteins, or macromolecules in cells. This article is evidence that various proteins are vital to an organism's ability to function. In addition, it indicates that various proteins can inhibit or prohibit the synthesis of another protein. This article confirms what we have learned about proteins, and furthers our knowledge of their many functions.

I believe that this study is a major advancement in treating cancer. It would assist in terminating cancer by inhibiting this protein. Therefore, the cancer would be less problematic to treat through chemotherapy. Given that the Akt3 is part of a trio of proteins found in various types of cancer, this could assist in the treatment of those types of cancers. This is indicative that there could be...

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