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Why are Notes valuable?

- record most important parts of research materials

- provide a permanent, authorative written record that can be referred to

- organize research and learning skills

- helps summarizing the material

Note-making Methods

1. Outlining

- notepaper, index cards, or a computer can be used

- feature only most important information


- record full bibliographic information from the source (author, title, publisher, volume, page numbers); don't use abbreviations; write neatly

- when noting, indicate page reference for the information on the paper or card used

- indicate main idea/theme of the note

- in point form, summarize secondary ideas, supporting information or details; note subtopics with capital letter and bullet point further information/details

- number pages/cards consecutively for each source

- keep work in a folder, separated by source with paper clips; computer files must be backed up on a disk

2. Webbing

- summarizing in a graphic form


- place main idea/topic in the centre and underline or circle it

- write secondary ideas/subtopics with lines connected with the main idea

- attach details and supporting information with lines jutting out from the secondary ideas/subtopics

- don't make the web too complex

3. Point-form Notes


- write complete bibliographic form of source on top of page/card

- write the topic on the left and draw a margin under it for later use

- place notes and leave space between main ideas or use bullet points

- use own words

- avoid complete, long and punctuated sentences

- use abbreviations, but be neat and clear

Note-Making Forms

- Paraphrasing - summarizing

- direct quotation - personal commentary


- saying the same as the source does, but shorter and in own words; accurate but brief


- shortened version of an original...

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