The Study of Mental Health

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Mental Health

With variously developed technologies and research, people can cure and many types of illnesses and they can maintain their bodies healthy now. However, mental sickness is one of the hardest illnesses to cure because a lot of efforts of patients and people near them are required. There are many symptoms related to mental sickness such as not eating enough or eating too much, not getting enough sleep or oversleeping, bad mood, not doing well in school work, passive relationship with others, and more aggressive behavior. Among many types of mental illness psychotic disorders, Atention-Dficit Hperactivity Dsorder, depression, schizophrenia, anorexia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are quite common among mentally ill patients. Once people get mentally ill, it would be very hard for them to keep their daily lives in healthy style because every activities start with mental health in good condition. To prevent these types of mental illnesses, people have various ways to choose.

Counseling with psychologists, psychiatrists, and other doctors would help those patients relieve their hidden problems personally and those professionals would help them regain their mental strength with their step by step treatments. Also medication would help return their neurotransmitter level back to the "normal range". Most of all, help of families, friends, and people surrounding those patients would be the biggest benefit or solution for those patients. Often encouragement of families and friends may increase patients' self-esteem and it, too, can give them comfort and courage to communicate with others more and better.

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