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HISTORY STUDY GUIDE UNIT SEVEN After The WAR - states were not united; they were separated into 13 separate governments - each had their own bill of rights to protect the citizens; Virginia was first w/ 1 - only white males 21 and over could vote and they must have owned property - Congress believed they need a NATIONAL government Articles of Confederation - Formed a league of friendship[ between states - - First American constitution - Each state had one vote on Congress - 9 out of 13 states had to approve laws to be passed Congress COULD NOT: - Regulate trade between states and states and foreign countries - Congress had to ask states for money and they could say NO Congress COULD: - Declare war - Coin money - Appoint military officers - Responsible for foreign affairs STATES HAD MORE POWER THAN CONGRESS WESTERN LAND - Several states claimed the land west of the Appalachians - Maryland refused to ratify the Articles because they believed large States would become too powerful - States gave up claims and the Articles of Confederation were ratified In 1781 - Congress then owned land and could sell it Problems in 1783-1787 MONEY - U.S.

owed millions of dollars - States refused to give money to congress - Printed money was worthless - no gold/silver to back it up - States began printing their own money - New York/Hampshire both claimed Vermont and could not settle the dispute - Foreign countries took advantage of the weak government Policy for Western Lands - 2 laws were passed to help settle the West (Ohio Valley) - Land north of Ohio River and east of Mississippi was called the Northwest Territory 1. Land Ordinance of 1785 - Land divided into townships - Each township had:...

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