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Arvin Ward ENGL 1010 11-01-01 Stressful Living I have found everywhere I go that people are under extreme amounts of stress and pressure. Stress is caused by several different things, such as, the pressure that comes from their jobs, finances, car problems, and even their marriage.

The stress that comes from the work place can affect a person in a great way. People try to get a job that pays real good money, and they really don't care if they enjoy their work or not. A job that makes a person work real hard and fast, physically or mentally can cause stress to build up in their lives. I think people should take time off from their jobs to relax every once and awhile.

Also, finances can cause a person to build up a lot of stress. In this world we live in people are always trying to live better and have nicer things.

They are never satisfied with their car, house, clothes, shoes or anything they own more than a few months. They build up stress trying to continually have more material things. Finances can run low and people get stressed out during those times.

Another thing is car problems; even this can cause stress in today's society. People's cars tear up and that cost them money, money they may not have. A car is essential for people to have, and a bad car is a mountain of pressure that they do not need.

Now, the stress that can come with marriage will sometimes overwhelm people. Marriage can be a wonderful thing, if two people can get together and make it work. The husband and wife need to understand each other so that when stressful situations arise they can be a source of help and...

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