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Stress Stress is a common thing that every person experiences in his or her lifetime. There are a variety of reasons as to why people are over powered with stress. Three ways that I have experienced stress would be dealing with my brother in tenth grade, moving in 12th grade, and taking place of an injured player on the Field Hockey team.

The stress of having an older brother with epilepsy is unexplainable. I have to take care of him and how to understand the way he thinks and does things. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to understand him because a lot of people don't understand him. When I was in tenth grade, my brother became suicidal. This wasn't the first time. Mom and Dad had always been able to keep it hidden from except for this time because he flipped out on me and threatened that he was going to kill himself because nobody loved him.

This was the first time I had ever had to experience this and I was extremely upset and scared. I stopped eating, sleeping and taking care of me because I was afraid to leave him alone, and to be the one to find him. This was so far, the most stressful period in my life. I was emotional and physically stressed out. In Elkind's essay he talked about type B stress, which is unforeseeable and unavoidable. This was time in my life when I experienced that type of stress.

My family has just recently moved from the city of Watertown, to the Town of Pamelia on December 2, 2000. It was a couple months into the school year at WHS and I didn't want to have to transfer my senior year to a different school. That was the beginning...

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