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Courtship Outline I. We will begin by looking at courtship practices in early Pennsylvania "" the Quakers.

A. Quakers, people who had a reputation for being very tolerant, understood that Marriage was very, very important "" so important that George Fox (founder of Society of Friends) wrote 60 epistles on the matter.

B. There were rules that regulated marriage 1. marriages with someone outside of the"Friends" was condemned 2. people who did marry outside were punished, usually kicked out of church.

3. Still it happened as for 2 centuries nearly half of all disciplinary proceedings among Pennsylvianian Quakers were regarding courtship and marriage to unbelievers.

4. Not trying to be especially punitive, but saw this (requiring people to be equally yoked as necessary to help families to be harmonious.

C. There were also many rules for how one was supposed to marry (16). Included among them were 1. If a man and a woman wanted to marry they would first consult their parents.

2. If their parents agreed, then they would announce their intention to marry before the women's meeting 3. Then they presented themselves at the men's meeting 4. If the two came from different meetings, then "Certificates of Cleanliness" were presented at the men's meeting.

5. Next came a waiting period during which the community could voice objections.

6. Then the men's meeting formally considered the question and formally approved the union. This was called "Passing the meeting" and was cause for a great celebration.

7. Would marry, a simple ceremony, speak promises to one another that they created and written.

8. Would move into the house of the bride's father for two weeks; friends and family would then work on building them a house and then, after those two weeks, they would move out of her...

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