The Strength Of a Woman This writing relates to the novel, Reef, written by Romesh Gunesekera. Talks about the character of Miss Nili's role as a woman

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Behind every great man there is a great woman that gives their loving support and positive feed backs. Women for centuries stood by their husbands, sons, or anyone they felt worthy of standing up for and help them succeed with the belief that they could do anything. Men feel powerful when they have everything going their way with a companion to share it with just like Mister Salgado and Miss Nili in the novel, Reef, by Romesh Gunesekera.

I love Miss Nili and the influence she brings to Triton and Mister Salgado. Her ideas on saving the coral reefs and helping out Mister Salgado prove how passionate her character is. She brings sunshine with any company she approaches. Her presents become more aware now even with Triton trying to impress her with the blue striped fish he bought. "'How much?' I asked nodding at it. I thought Nili would be impressed," (pg 124.)

Miss Nili's manner for Mister Salgado grows also. "Miss Nili became the lady, our nona, of the house," (pg 118.) In the beginning of the novel, Reef, Mister Salgado lived alone with his servants with no one to share his life with and depress of the fact the beautiful coral reefs were disappearing slowly and he felt helpless. However, when Miss Nili came to live in the house of Mister Salgado, he seemed happier spending time with someone as beautiful, classy, and has the same interest of saving the coral reefs as him.

I believe in powerful woman figure to set natural balance in life. To take their place among the great men that are out there just like Mister Salgado. Miss Nili has that strong-legged roll in the novel, Reef. This shows when Miss Nili goes to the market with Triton and tries to stop...

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