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This is a story about a scientist who made himself invisible, like a paper with oil on its surface gets invisible. The book I read is called, The Invisible Man, written by H.G. Wells. The main setting of the story is in two places. First in Iping, a real existing village in Wells, Great Britain, and then at Dr Kemp's house on the hillside. Because of his invisibility, Griffin has become a madman who has cut himself off from mankind. He sees his discovery only as an advantage to be used against the rest of the world. He has forgotten all rules, lost his moral code and as a result, he got inhuman.

The main characters name is Griffin. He is a former student who was so interested in light and its effects; he tried out his invention on himself, and turned himself invisible. However, this invisibility is not such a good thing after all.

In the beginning of the story, in Mrs. Hall's inn, Griffin, who had to be dressed up to the chin, wear a hat, dark glasses, gloves and a bandage round his head, is already affected by his sufferings and disappointments as an invisible. He is bad tempered, nervous and easily excitable as shown in the book. When his dark secret is discovered in Iping, he is chased out of the village. Naked and alone, he stumbles upon an old student colleague, Dr. Kemp, and tries to draw him into his civil experiment on the world. Griffin's wickedness and invisibility prove a lethal blend that was unsafe to society. He had to be stopped before everything would of been too late.

Griffin starts to use his invisibility to do terrible to his village. He started stealing money from his local neighbors and shops. The bookends when Kemp was attacked by the Invisible Man, he yelled for help and all the people who heard him cry, came to help. They formed lines, closed them to a circle and hit on the invisible body. That was how Griffin was defeated and finally killed. He laid on the soil and turned slowly back to visible. All people saw that Griffin was now a bloody human. The book ends as the people cover his face with a sheet of paper because they cannot stand looking at him.

I like that book because it is a science fiction novel. This was one reason. The other reason is that its written in a very lively way. The reader is able to enter the plot and live in it. Reading this book was better than visiting a three-dimensional cinema. I recommend this book to everybody who is interested in science fiction or to everyone who just wants to read a good book.

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