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When Ashley and her three friends went to the Black House, they knew they were in for a treat. As they entered the front entrance, they saw a transparent figure in the shape of a human with a sword in his hand. He wasn't moving, yet his eyes would follow Ashley and her friends. As they entered the mansion, a cold spell fell on them, and all that was in front of them was a blank wall. They walked around the first floor until they found the entrance to the basement. They looked around for about 5 minutes until they found a secret room. They entered the hidden room, and saw a portrait of the prince of the mansion.

The Black House It stands on a hill about a mile away from town, at the north peak of Maine. Torches that are always lit guide brave fools to the front entrance of the mansion.

It is said that a prince made a deal with the devil. The prince gave the devil his soul when in return was given a mighty castle. This castle contains a powerful spell on it. Those who dare enter the castle will be cursed forever.

A fifteen-year-old girl named Jessie lived about one and a half miles away from the mansion. She knew all about it. The storied didn't scare her, even though she knew they were true. She wasn't afraid of the Prince because she knew he was trapped in there forever and couldn't find his way out into the free world. Jessie had started a horror club at school. She and four of her friends didn't scare easily, and they were determined to find out the truth about the feared Black Mansion.

(October 31, 2000) Jessie and her friends didn't want to dress up for trick-or-treating; they wanted to do something a little more unpredictable. They were going inside the mansion to solve the mysteries for good. They were prepared with flashlights, heat goggles, and a good luck charm. Jessie and her friends met at the entrance to the castle at 10:45 PM and were prepared to go inside at 11. They were going to stay together and be out of there by 12, midnight.

As they entered the mansion, the first thing they saw was a portrait of the prince. He looked very young in the picture, although he still had evil looking eyes. As they made their way down the long hallway, they started getting this eerie feeling in their stomachs. They knew something was going to happen in that castle, but they didn't know what or when. As they got to the end of the hall, they noticed a gigantic spiral staircase that leads to the second floor. They knew they would find something up there. They made their way up the stairs, and saw a big room with a bed, a dresser, and a window. The only sign of life in the whole house was a spider and a couple mice.

Just as they were getting ready to go to the basement, they noticed a light coming from down the hall. They slowly stepped closer to it to see what it was. As they got closer, they noticed that it was a candle. They walked over to it, and saw that nothing was holding it up. It was floating in the air with nothing around it. There were no walls, no tables, or anything around it. The girls were startled so they started to walk away, but when they looked back, the candle was following them.

They started to jog, slowly, but it still followed them. They looked ahead of them, and what they saw frightened them very much. A knife was being lifted from the table right in front of them. Jessie saw the stairs to the basement stairs so she ran down them, just as her friends ran upstairs. Jessie knew they would be all right, for they were the ones with the infrared goggles, so all they had to do was watch for heat. All Jessie had was a flashlight, and a silver dollar for good luck. Her great grandfather gave this silver dollar to her, so it meant a lot to he

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