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The Storm Upon first reading of Kate Chopin's, "The Storm," you initially come to a broad conclusion that the title has something to do with this short story. Not only does a storm ravage a small rural community in the physical realm of the story's setting, but also the title assumes a more symbolic meaning after reading this selection. This in its entirety is a storm; a storm that is strong and overpowering yet quick and unyielding. The metaphorical storm that I speak of is the very turmoil of everyday relationships that occasionally manifests itself due to reasons of dissatisfaction and/or misunderstanding. This is the main interpretation that I took from reading this story because it clearly made its intent shown as I read deeper into the text.

This story begins with a father, Bobinot, and his young son, Bibi, shopping at a local store in their community that is relatively distant from their house.

Immediately the setting demonstrates the inevitability of a storm, as also the title suggests. So the two characters remained in the store knowing full well that a violent storm was coming. With the father and son at the store, the mother, Calixta, is busy at home intently sewing a project that has her full attention until the sky grows noticeably darker. This is where she realizes that a big storm was imminent, so she begins to prepare the house for the oncoming weather. It is here that a new character steps into play, Alcee Laballiere, and you begin to feel that he brings something more to the story than just a profile of a minor character. As the storm grows in strength and intensity, so do the apparent lustful actions between Alcee and Calixta. Both of these characters are married to other...

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