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Steam of Going to Allen High School Well for one this has been a struggle all the way from the beginning for me. For once in my life I was able to experience the slang term " My dog ate my homework" and it actually be true. Yes my budget, 5 days before it was do was demolished by my dog really created a ruckus for me but I knew 13hrs of straight work would get me out of here ON TIME. Otherwise the budget wasn't as big a deal as every other senior made it sound I thought it was quite a challenge for us to prove that we are ready and can financially make it in the world after high school. Well enough of the budget considering I will never be happier once it is in your hands MR. ULDRICH!!!!!!!!!!! To start out on tearing down the teachers I will start out with the first teacher I ever had from Allen Mr.

Schnack what can I say he was quite the beer drinker if he ever gave me good advice it was, Fuck around at practice when I got a beer to drink and ill let you go home lol. Yea that bout it, it was fun in basketball but not so great behind a desk he was always grouchy I thin kit was the hangovers damn they would kill him everyday. hehe.

Next Mr. Jensen, boy was he one horny old guy. I wonder if he has ever heard the term, 16 gives ya twenty, yea I don't think so he was always turned on by them littler girls. He has been try into learn the score board for 20 years and still hasent got it down pat, I think if the girls wouldn't wear such...

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