State and Federal Systems Paper

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State and Federal Systems Paper

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Employment Law

MGT 434

Kansas Employment Law

Kansas, like every other State in the Union, has laws that must be followed to ensure the proper process of hiring potential employees. No company manager wants to have a lawsuit filed against them by a person that did not get a job. In order to protect both parties in the job negotiation process, guidelines have been established and they must be followed.

During the interview process, there are specific questions which can't be asked of the potential employee. This has been established to ensure that qualifications are looked at, and not potential distracters. Of the questions that can't be asked are: maiden name, what citizenship is the interviewee, birthplace, any question that would indicate race, sex, or color before the individual has been employed by the company. Employer may not request a photograph of the individual; they may not inquire as to the religious preference.

The employer may not inquire what the lineage, national origin, or ancestry. They may ask info pertaining to the education of the individual.

There will be some individuals that may have had issues with the law at a prior time. They may have even been convicted of an offense. If that person goes into a company and is able to get an interview, the employer can ask the person if they have been convicted of a crime. They may not ask the interviewee if they have ever been arrested. Just because an individual has been arrested, does not indicate that the person was found guilty.

While going thru the process of the interview and the hiring procedures, the employee is made aware of his or her rights in the company. After the person has been notified that he...

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