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The 5 Parts of the Archetypal Hero?s Journey Luke?s call to Adventure starts with his impulse to embark upon a journey. The Mission to rescue Princess Leah is told to Luke Skywalker by R2D2. In a message from the Princess, she asks for Obewan to rescue her, and that he?s the only one. Luke wants to become a Jedi Knight and destroy the evil empire. In order to do so, he?s going to need some help.

Luke and his droids, R2D2 and C3PO, find Obewan in the desert. Obewan convinces Luke to become a Jedi Knight and destroy the Imperial Force. Obewan and Luke must go quickly to avoid an attack by the sand druids.

Luke and Obewan meet Han Solo in a pub/restaurant. Solo tells the two men that he can fly them anywhere for $10,000. Obewan?s counter-offer is $17,000. Ben tells Luke he must sell his sword to pay for part of the bill.

Han Solo gladly accepts their offer and gets them ready to leave. They must hurry because of the droids and other bad guys.

As Luke gets ready to leave his home he is crossing the threshold and entering into an unknown world of hazardous unknown. In order to successfully rescue Princess Leah, Luke must first confront death in some way. If able to conquer Darth Vader, Luke will have faced death in some sort of way.

As the climax continues, Luke undergoes a series of tests to prove he is a worthy Jedi Knight. Luke Skywalker successfully defeats Darth Vader and the Imperial Force, with a little help from Han Solo, and finally feels the force within him. The force, in this instance, probably had to do with Ben Kanobe, who was killed by Darth Vader.

Luke Skywalker receives his award along with Han Solo and Chewbaca. They all earned a medal of courage. With the conquering of the Imperial Force, Luke had brought restoration back to his own domain. After the return, Luke and his sister Princess Leah both live happy lives.

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