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Stalin:Biography Essay December 21, 1879 Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili was born in Gorgi, Georgia (Joseph Stalin 1). Joseph changed his last name Vissariovich to Stalin, which meant "Man Of Steel" (Life of Joseph Stalin 1). Stalin's father was a cobbler and wanted Joseph to take up his profession(Life of Joseph Stalin 1). Stalin grew up in poverty in a cheap home (Life of Josepf Stalin 1). At the age of seven Stalin came down with small pox which left marks on his face the rest of his life(Life of Joseph Stalin 1). Stalin was a mama's boy who studied hard in school and well behaved at home (Life of Joseph Stalin 1). His mom quoted..."Of course I treasured him. Above everything in the world...I didn't want him to be a cobbler. I didn't want him to be anything but a priest (Life of Joseph Stalin 1)." Pressured between the too Stalin didn't know what to choose.

Stalin's father died when he was 11 (Life of Joseph Stalin 1). Stalin then left for Tiflis in 1894 (Life of Joseph Stalin 1). There he enrolled at Gorgi High school and began his career (Life of Joseph Stalin). In June of 1894 J.V. Stalin graduated from Gori High School with the highest Marks (Joseph Stalin 1). Then September 2, 1894 Stalin entered the first grade of Tiflis Theological Seminary (Joseph Stalin 1). In 1895, J. V. Stalin establishes contact with the underground groups of Russian revolutionary Marxists who had been exiled to Transcaucasia by the tsarist government (Joseph Stalin 1). Then on May 29, 1899 J. V. Stalin was expelled from the Tiflis Theological Seminary for propagating Marxism(N). Joseph imbibled the Socialist doctrines and studied Karl Marx(Life of Joseph Stalin). He then became one of the leaders (Life of Joseph Stalin). After Stalin's interest...

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