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Mohit Sakhrani 11-17-01 In recent years, I have enjoyed many memorable moments watching the New York Yankees play during one of the best playoff runs in the history of baseball. This year's World Series game four against the Arizona Diamondbacks was one of the best games I have ever seen. As the Yankees coming off an emotional performance of Cy-Young Candidate Roger Clemens, I thought the momentum of World Series had shifted from the Diamondbacks to the Yankees. Then again, the Diamondbacks took us fans out of the game by scoring two runs in the sixth inning of El Duque. I thought the game was over, because the way the Yankees was swinging the bats, and with Curt Schilling on the mound, I thought there was no chance. So as the game rolled along, I was certainly shocked, Arizona took out Schilling after seven-innings and eighty-three pitches thrown.

Well, I thought the Yankees had hope after they have gotten into the miserable Arizona bullpen.

Once again was I proved wrong as Bryun-Hung-Kim, the Diamondbacks closer, struck out the side. So as the bottom of the ninth came along and the heart of the order came up, I felt we had a chance to win. With Paul O'Neil up, he singled to right field. So came up Tino Martinez. When he saw a first pitched fastball from Kim, he crushed into right-center, while all along I was jumping for joy. I knew right then, the Yankees who were potentially one out away from being down 3-1, and their dynasty almost coming to a disappointing end, had a chance to tie the series.

As the game went into extra innings, Arizona was retired in the top of the 10th. In the bottom of the tenth, the Yankees magic was back. Derek Jeter, pulled an inside fastball from Kim, and hooked it in the fair side of the right field foul pole for the game winning homerun. I was amazed at what they did, as I was jumping for joy, for one of the greatest World Series games in my lifetime.

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