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The country I've chosen to write about is Spain. The official name of Spain is "the Kingdom of Spain." The official language of Spain is Spanish. Spanish is based on Latin. Spanish is a romantic language.

Some people have described Spain as being like a great castle that

arises from the sea. The borders of Spain are high and rugged like castle walls. In the center of the country lie broad low tablelands that could easily be the courtyard of an enormous castle. The turrets and inner battlements are the isolated peaks and crags that dot the countryside.

Some facts about Spain:

Spain covers more than 190,000 square miles (492,119 square kilometers). This is nearly 5/6ths of the Iberian Peninsula. From east to west it measures 646 miles and from north to south it measures 547 miles.

The bordering countries are Andorra, France, Morocco and Portugal.

The highest elevation is 12,198 feet above sea level and the lowest point is right at sea level.

The capital of Spain is Madrid.

The official religion is Roman Catholic.

There is evidence that suggests that Spain has been inhabited for half a million years.

The temperatures in January are 35°to 47° F (2° to 8°C ) In July the temperature is 63° to 87° F (17° to 31° C).

The national population is about 39,752,000.

The national anthem is "La Marcha Real" (The Royal March).

The type of government is a constitutional monarchy.

The chief of state is a King.

The president is head of government.

Traditional Spanish names reflect the importance of the family.

Spanish woman customarily retain their maiden name after marriage.

For example if tow people get married and have children then the children

will take the father's last name. Unless the woman's name is famous.

Then in that case...

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