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Evidence shows that "when my love swears that she is made of truth", has more than one consistent tone throughout the entire sonnet. The author uses imagery to help the reader picture a good image of what is going on in the poem at a particular time, or to describe past or future events. I will also discuss the choice of words the author chose (diction) and how a lot of words and phrases have a double meaning. This particular sonnet does not have a form of alliteration, therefore I cannot discuss it (oh darn!).

This essay will include all the structures of the sonnet "When my love swears that she is made of truth". Such structures as imagery, tone, diction, alliteration, meter, and other poetry techniques.

This particular sonnet is an English or Shakesperian sonnet. The sonnet has four main parts. It has three ideas or statements that develop an idea.

These are called quatrains. Each quatrain has four lines. The last two lines are the rhyming couplet or the "punch line".

The context of this sonnet is a love poem. It begins with a love relationship. She is swearing her truth to him. She is saying that she never lies and she will always be faithful to him. She is insistent: not just that she tells the truth but that she is made of truth. Because she is doing this it makes the reader question why? Did he challenge her? Does she feel defensive? If so, why? The tone on this sonnet begins as a calm tone. The speaker does not hesitate to call her his "love". It is like he is insisting that he believes her "I do believe her"¦" instead of "I believe her"¦". The tone continues to change throughout the poem...

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