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Solution to Terrorism In America By: The fact that this has to be said shocks me. That I feel the need to articulate the solution to this problem of terrorism on our shores, though it so simple, is quite alarming. Terrorism has been a problem in America for a very long time, though people are shocked to read headlines "Terrorism hits American soil!" regarding the September 11 attack. Well, terrorism hit American soil long before September 11th 2001. And to know that it could have been stopped then, with my solution, may be quite alarming as well. It surely would have prevented any attacks that the nation has witnessed in the past several years, including that on the 11th of September.

When we are attacked, we must retaliate! Our army's are much larger, much more well trained, and are outfitted with far superior equipment than that of the armies of our terrorist enemies.

We must view terrorists as small armies, and we must retaliate against them just the same. Planes, bombs, guns, everything we have at our disposal must be dumped onto these terrorists. A quick lethal attack will kill most involved, and surely others who were not directly involved or even having had no involvement at all, just for good measure.

The terrorists will be killed, or most of them anyways. The others will surely be too frightened to try anything in the way of another terrorist attack again. Witnessing our great nation come down on them with more artillery than they could have imagined will defiantly set them straight. We will undoubtedly and indefinitely show them who is boss on this planet of ours.

Of course, after our magnificent retaliation, further precautions must be taken. Further actions must be carried out before we are once again at...

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