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I. Introduction

Pop machines fund almost every school in the United States. Some people and organizations say that soda pop is unhealthy and causes obesity, but I say that you should have the right to choose whether you want to drink a healthy water, or a nice, cold, refreshing soda pop. Pop machines do many great things to help schools and communities. Some of the great things about having a pop machine and other vending machine in your school are they help fund schools, make quick snacks, and they provide great advertisement for soda pop companies.

II. Health Issues

A. First of all, schools are beginning to ban pop machines because of rising rates of obesity and diabetes among students and consider discouraging sugar and fat intake. (Oregonian, Matthew Preusch)

1. Lynwood, Washington has already banned

a. Redmond, Oregon has already banned

b. Obesity, more then 57% of adults are overweight

c. Unhealthy, causes diabetes, kidney stones

B. On the other hand, people should have the right to choose whether to drink something less healthy during school.

1. Morning pick-me-up

2. Tastes good

III. Funds School Activities

A. Even though some people say that pop machines don't bring in as much money as thought of... (Mary Lou Hennrich of the Community Health Partnership)

1. Money decreases in value over the period of the contract

B. Actually, soda pop contracts help fund many school activities (Mary Beechler)

1. Funds dances, new scoreboard (about $400-$500 per dance)

a. DJ

b. Decorations

2. In reality, our school earns about $23 per student, in a school of 96 students.

3. ASB gets about $2500 a year after Pepsi takes its profits; school gets about 1/3 of each $1 spent on soda pop.

IV. Advertisement

A. Another benefit of having pop machines...

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