Society And The Times Through The Eyes Of Rock And Roll

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Rock music crashed its way into the American music scene in 1955 via AM radio. From then to the early 1970?s, rock and roll mirrored and also influenced almost every aspect of American life as there were many striking parallels between the particular styles of music during those times and the culture of the nation. With higher motivation for scientific progress, new trends, and political influence, rock music served a powerful voice for the youth of nearly three generations.

The Great Depression is over, and the boys are back from war! The U.S. was ready for a new movement, and it came. As the world was trying to keep peace and prevent the breakout of another war, America?s youth was searching for a voice. That voice became rock and roll. With it?s first number one hit ?Rock Around the Clock,? by Bill Haley and the Comets, rock and roll came to the consciousness of America (Bronson 1).

It had a new feel. It wasn?t soul, it wasn?t country, but it was a mix between the two. This popping, rhythmic style of music was really something everyone could get into. It was a force that seemed to unite all races and personalities as stars like Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly emerged to top both the R&B and Pop charts (Bronson 1). The unison of music came at a time when integration was a main concern as segregation in schools had just been ruled unconstitutional (Hendler 4). Although the prejudices of the past were still present, many found a sense of ?togetherness? in this new music trend. The entire ideal started a trend with the youth, for the most part, to understand that both blacks and whites could make tracks on common ground.

On the monetary aspect, the average American?s income was...

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