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"Snowboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in America and around the world." Snowboarding has come a long way since it was first an idea. Snowboarding isn't just your "normal" sport. It is actually considered an "extreme" sport. Snowboarding is a great social sport and good exercise. The history of this sport is more interesting than some other sports. The equipment is different from the "average" sport. Tricks and showing off are essential in snowboarding.

Many sports have a very boring start. Snowboarding started out as an idea from a skateboarder the d the winter. He didn't like it that for about four months he couldn't skate because of snow. His name was Tom Sims, and his creation was the "Ski Board". He created it for an eighth grade wood shop project. The "Ski Board" looked like a water ski with a short rope attached on the front.

The rider would hold a rope but the board could turn. Soon, inspired by Tom's school project, many homemade boards were made. Then two years after the "Ski Board" a man named Sherman Poppen created a "Snurfer" for his children. He created this by bolting two skis together. Then after a while, he began having competitions. The sport of snowboarding took a change for the better when Dimitrije Milovevich started to make his snowboard, which was named "Winterstick". It basically looked like surfboards but worked on the same key elements that skis did. "Newsweek" magazine did a two-page report on this creation and inspired another person to begin making snowboards. Jake Burton, who is now one of the most successful owners of a snowboard company, made boards and offered free lessons. Then Mike Olsen began making boards and became the founder of "Gnu", another successful...

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