Skills and Certification Design and Implementation Project

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Background and Statement of Need

Collective Technologies, an independent IT consulting firm, prides itself in its ability to respond to customer requests for consultants in a timely manner with a high degree of accuracy. To meet the response requirements to our customers, the Vice President of Sales has requested a four hour response time to skill and certification requests from the account executives. To meet this business requirement, a database must be developed that will allow for tracking of skills and certifications by consultant. The skills and certification database responsibility for accuracy will be the individual partner engagement manager. It has been determined that that each skill must reflect three tiers of expertise in that skill area: Expert, Advanced, and Basic. The skill levels are currently being defined in another concurrent project, and are not a critical requirement to the completion of this project.

Each certification must have the ability to record the certification name, certification hierarchies, date obtained (Optional), expiration date (Optional).

The system must be flexible enough to handle easy additions for new skills and employ mechanisms that allow for workflow for planned obsolescence of the skill set.

Project Objectives

The successful completion of this project enables the company resource managers, sales account executives and project / engagement managers to search for resource skills and certification through a comprehensive search dialog. The criteria for a successful search dialog will maintain the ability to search for skills by the following fields:

Consultant: Search by first or last name

Location: Search by one or many locations of consultants

o City

o State

Skill: Search by one or many skills

o Skill Version(s): Search by one or many skill versions

Certification: Search by one or many certifications

Expire Date: Search by certification expiration date

The ultimate success factor would be measured...

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