A significant time in my life was moving to Freetown

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A significant time in my life was moving to Freetown from New Bedford. My parents talked about moving for a long time, but I thought it was all talk. I never new they wanted to move to Freetown. I was born, and raised in New Bedford. When I got to Freetown the surroundings were so different, from the city.

At first I was really mad about leaving the city. I went to the same school, and had the same friends all my life. There was so much to experience in the city. Freetown seemed extremely boring. It looked like only old people lived there. My dad explained to me that change can be good. I also didn't have a choice, so I was off to Freetown.

I soon realized moving to a new house could be fun. The first time I saw the house I got pretty excited. The house was huge compared to my apartment.

Things got even better when I saw the pool and all the space. I even had a basketball hoop. Then my Dad said we could get a dirt bike. I never rode a dirt bike before, so that seemed awesome. All these new things made it sound like I was moving to heaven. After all the good changes, I was ready to say, forget the city.

Then came the bad changes. Starting school was one of them. I was really nervous about starting at new school. I didn't know if I would fit in with the other kids. I started to meet new people everyday. It felt great to now all these new people.

I learned a good thing in this experience. Change in your surroundings can be for best. Moving to a new house isn't that bad after all. Meeting new people can also be a good experience.

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