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Shane So dangerous and mysterious, but yet at the same time gentle and courteous, that was Shane. That forgotten trap set, but when the little mouse creeps up to get the cheese, the terrifying result will be witnessed.

From the moment he entered the Starretts¡¯ lives, he was nothing but Shane. He gave no real information about himself through the conversations he and Joe had, and was careful of what he revealed.

Shane was mysterious man, from the hat that shielded the face to his endlessly searching eyes. He was very observant, his endlessly searching eyes, never missing a thing happening around him. His movements were always so deft and easy, but there was still certain tension in that easiness.

Though Shane is medium height, and slight in build, but he is lean and hard, there is also strength and competence about him. When being taught on how to work on a farm, Shane shirked nothing, and always took the hard end of the job.

Shane is reasonable and tries hard to be peaceful, and he¡¯ll never fight without a good reason. Like the time he met Ledyard, though he was called a drifter and a good-for-nothing, he controlled himself to not start a fight. The fight with Chris was only to save Joe¡¯s reputation.

Shane¡¯s movements and actions suggests that he has had a violent past and that he is trying destroy those memories that carved so deep in his mind. But Shane is kind and gentle, he proved that when he taught Bob how to use a gun and many other things that will be able to help him in the future.

He stayed for one summer, but he changed a boy¡¯s world forever. Maybe it was because he was Shane, the man who rode from...

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