Sex And Violence On Tv

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Sex and Violence in The Media BANG, BANG, and a BOOM! The mother looks up just in time to see two guys get shot and another three blown to pieces. No, it's not another violence filled, R-rated Flick, but yet another show viewed by millions. More and more often the television is filled with images of beautiful, scantily clad women, bullets flying everywhere, teens in sexual situations, and many other scenes of destruction. The question is how much is too much? Where is the line drawn on how much sex and violence is shown on the television? Television is filled with more and more scenes of sex and violence. It is flooding the programs and has too much of a presence on televison. Is there too much sex and violence in the media, and is it being directed at children? Think back to the days of our parents, and what television was like for them.

Shows like Gone With the Wind and Citizen Cain were controversial in those days. In Gone With the Wind lines such as, "And quite frankly my dear I don't give a damn," were very controversial in those days. Showing a little skin was nowhere near what it is now. The television sitcoms of those days portrayed good, wholesome family values. Shows like, "Leave It To Beaver", "Brady Bunch", "Partridge Family", and "The Wonder Years" all gave their viewers a sense of higher moral ethics that today's sitcoms seem to have lost sight of. Now sitcoms like, "The Simpsons", "Friends", and "King of The Hill" air programs filled with sexual innuendos, violence, and vulgarity. Television no longer became a safe haven to sit and watch with the family. It became all about the getting the viewers so they could get the money. As the media evolved...

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