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SEVEN This movie will disturb you. It is dark, grisly, and at times seems almost devoid of hope. It is also brilliant.

Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy, Wrath, Both the seven deadly sins and the basis for the best psychological, intelligent thriller ever made. William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) has existed in this anonymous city for decades, mostly on the homicide squad. The time for his voluntary retirement is fast approaching, then he gets joined by his young replacement David Mills (Brad Pitt) for his final week. Somerset has no particular interest in hand holding his enthusiastic partner, leading to friction as Mills tries to prove that he's the best. Life isn't really that easy as we see when they are called to an unusual murder. In a small apartment a grossly fat man is slumped at a table, face down in a plate of pasta sauce. By the lights of flickering torches (the lights never work in this film!) we see the distended veins covering his body etc"¦ Somerset suspects hidden depths to this motiveless homicide, who? wouldn't? but asks to be taken off of a case which could drag on forever.

There is no escape for Somerset, of course. The next day a second corpse turns up - this time a rich, high-profile lawyer is found with the word 'greed' written, in his own blood, on the floor next to him. Forensics turn up clues on the first murder leading Somerset to discover the word 'gluttony' at the murder scene. Putting the clues together (which no one else is able to do) Somerset predicts another five murders, based on the sins mentioned. Knowing the motive doesn't help that much though the killer is far too clever, leaving clues which point the cops to his next victim...

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