Serial Communication

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PROJECT AIM: TO DEMONSTRATE THE PROCESS OF SERIAL COMMUNICATION [serial port interfacing] BETWEEN TWO COMPUTERS MOTIVATION: I got the motivation for this project from the ongoing trends in the computer industry .In this age of web and internet communication and networking are the hot topics of IT industry. Every one is clamouring for more speed and more access. S I also wanted to do some thing in the networking field .And I think that even serial communication implementation was a tough task but thanks to God Almighty that I succeeded in my efforts.

PLATTFORM USED: I have used Borland c++ version 3.01 to implement this project.

DIFFICULTIES FACED: Interfacing the pc is never an easy job , addressing the ports is really a tough job. But built in port addressing functions 1. outportb() 2. inportb() were really making this tough job easy .

Difficulties were also faced by me in graphics aspects of the program.

COMPUTER INTERFACING: INTRODUCTION: the art of connecting computers and peripherals. In a lot of circumstances, it looks more like magic than art.

It is not uncommon that you end up like Donald, removing all unnecessary hardware from your computer to get that communication device to work.

These pages are intended to give some help in connecting all sorts of computer equipment.

SERIAL: What is Serial? Serial is a very common protocol for device communication that is standard on almost every PC. It is not to be confused with Universal Serial Bus (USB). Most computers include two RS-232 based serial ports. Serial is also a common communication protocol that is used by many devices for instrumentation. Furthermore, serial communication can be used for data acquisition in conjunction with a remote sampling device.


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