September 11

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On Tuesday September 11, 2001 a tragic event happened to this nation. Around 8:45 the first of two planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers. Shortly after a plane crashed into the United States center of military power, the Pentagon. These tragic events were caused by acts of terrorism. These acts may have been prevented if more precautions would have been taking upon the flights in this country, and if more tighter law on immigration .

Some of the steps that we need to be taking is the increase in airport security. In some countries you most pass through many check points before you are allowed the board the plane. At these checkpoints your passport is checked, and your belongings are checked.

On some of the planes a un-uniformed officer occupies a seat. In this country though, people are allowed to board a plane with a knife in their possession .

They only have to pass through one checkpoint, and there is no officer aboard any flight.

Immigration laws in this country are not in the greatest shape either. Up to this point just about anybody could get into this country. It is not difficult to gain U.S citizenship, because there are many places that will more or less hand you your citizenship, for a small cost. But for even those that make you pass the test for your citizenship, no back ground check is required.

In order to help these problems we need to beef up the security of our country. Airports need more security over all, more checkpoints, no knifes, and maybe a armed guard or two per plane. Not only would this help increase security but maybe provided some extra jobs. More checkpoints would require more people to man those checkpoints, and guards...

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