A Seperate Peace

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Luisa Smith Mr. Miller 09-17-01 4th period A Separate Peace In the story A Separate Peace we follow the main characters Gene and his best friend Phineas. The story begins with Gene going back to visit his high school, Devon School. Looking back at all the trophies and memories that the school held, it made him go back in time and replay the whole story of him and his friend Phineas. Phineas and Gene were the basic high school best friends. Phineas was the all around jock and excelled in every sport. Where Gene was the smart valedictorian, and excelled in every subject imaginable. Phineas was known for coming up with crazy and wild ideas, and drove Gene to join him in every one of them. Gene never thought about it really, until one day it hit him. Could Phineas be dragging me on all these wild adventures to keep me from doing my schoolwork, to keep me from being considered equal with him? Gene let this get to his head and he became very resentful, but never did anything until he couldn't do anything about his anger anymore.

One day Phineas came up with one of his crazy ideas and decided that he wanted him and Gene to jump off the tree limb, into the river, together. Gene finally let his anger get to him and once they were both on the limb, he jumped. His jumping made Phineas loose his balance. Phineas tumbled to the bank and was rushed to the hospital. Shattering his leg in many places, Phineas lost all his ability to play sports and all his dreams of being the number on athlete. Gene hid the fact that he caused all this pain on his best friend from himself and others. It wasn't until...

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