Select an incident that you consider has a critical impact on you and analyse the incident with the use of appropriate theories.

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I had selected an experience, which happened at my living place in Kuala Lumpur last year. This incident is concerned about a big quarrel between me and one of my housemates.

My approach to this experience will be similar to Kolb's Learning Cycle. Kolb's Learning Cycle explores the cyclical pattern of all learning from experience through reflections to conceptualizations, then to active experimentation (action), and to further experience (

In this paper, I will reflect on what's my feeling toward this incident, how I analyzed my feelings in connection to my family upbringing and sociocultural standards as well as interpret the event from my housemate's point of view. Then, I'll identify the issues which my experience focuses on and relate to what have others written about the issues. Finally, I will identify my learning outcomes and weaknesses through this experience.


It was around one o'clock in Saturday afternoon.

I was lying on my bed. The sun had rose high in the sky and the sunlight shone on my face through my window. I looked at my clock and was shocked to realize how late it was. When I walked out of my room after cleaning my face, I saw two of my housemates mumbling with each other with unhappy faces. Rachel, the youngest among us with straightened hair turned to me and said, "Alice, Gerald hasn't been throwing the rubbish for days and it is full of worms now! Some more, he changed the arrow to point at MY name! How could he do this? This is unfair!" She almost cried.

It's our house rule that each of us will take turn to throw the rubbish based on a sequence. If a person had thrown the rubbish, then he/she will change the arrow on our "duty board"...

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