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"Are you excited for you birthday, Sarah? After all it's on Friday, only two days away," said Sarah's dad, Mr. Crenshaw.

"Yes, of course I am Daddy. Do you think I could have a sleep-over party this year?" responded Sarah.

"Sure honey," he answered.

Sarah's parents were divorced and this year Sarah happened to be at her dad's house in New York on her birthday. Sarah was so excited. She couldn't wait to get to school the next day and tell her best freind, Allie, the good news. Sarah and Allie had been best freinds forever. They trusted each other and told each other pretty much everything.

"Who will you invite?" asked Allie. "I'm not too sure. I think I'm going to invite Christine Dilber. Wouldn't it be cool if the most popular girl came to my party? Maybe I could become popular, too," responded Sarah.

"Yeah, I have always wondered what a sleep-over with Christine Dilber would be like."

Allie said.

Sarah decided to invite Allie, Christine, Samantha, Nicole, Jenny, Amanda, and Lucy. She handed out the invitations in school the next day. It turns out that Christine Dilber was actually going to the party. Sarah and Allie were so excited. Everyone who was invited could come.

Friday, October 6, 1997 rolled around very quickly. All the girls were having a blast opening Sarah's presents, eating, and watching movies. They watched Halloween, and Dail M for Murder. They got so scared they jumped when Sarah's dad came through the hallway.

"Girls, it's time for bed," he said.

"Ok dad," responded Sarah.

The girls were sleeping in the family room and decided to talk a little bit because they weren't tired yet. Allie realizes she forgot her pillow upstairs. She was too scared to go up alone.

"Will someone please come upstairs with me to get my pillow?" she asked.

"Sure, I will," said Christine.

"Thanks!" Allie said.

While they went upstairs everyone else layed out their sleeping bags. Sarah turned off all of the lights except for the ones in the kitchen and the hallway. As Allie and Christine were coming down the stairs they were giggling and wispering in a weird way. Sarah saw them and knew they had just told a secret and she was a bit jealous in a way.

As everyone say down Christine blurted out, "So Allie, did you like it?" "Did you like what?" asked Sarah.

"Yeah, what?" asked Samantha.

"Nothing. Drop it!" answered Allie.

"Can I tell them Allie? I mean I think it's pretty cool." said Christine.

"You do?" asked Allie.

"Yeah, I haven't even had my first kiss yet. You got yours in the summer. That's awesome!" answered Christine.

"Wait, what? Allie you haven't had you first kiss yet. You would have told me," said Sarah.

"Yeah, I have. At summer camp," Allie said with a shrug.

"Why didn't you tell me? You told Christine and not your best friend. You told her because you wanted her to like you," Sarah yelled. "How could you do this to me?" she cried.

Sarah then ran upstairs to her room and slammed the door.

"Haha. Oh, little baby going to cry because she wasn't told a secret. Oh please she's pathetic," laughed Christine.

All of the other girls started laughing except Allie.

"So, Allie, give me details." Christine demanded.

"No, I feel bad. I'm going to go upstairs and talk to Sarah. I'll be back." Allie responded.

Allie goes upstairs and knocks on Sarah's door.

"What do you want?" Sarah yelled in a mean way.

"It's Allie. I want to talk to you." "Fine come in." responded Sarah.

Allie walked in and sat next to Sarah on the bed.

"Look, I am really-" "I don't want to hear it Allie. You told Christine and not me. I thought we were best friends. I tell you everything. Why didn't you tell me you kissed someone?" Sarah asked her.

"That's a lie. Sarah, remember the time when you didn't tell me about your parents getting divorced. You told Cindy Larsen, your next door neighbor, who is a year younger than us. How do you think I felt?" Allie said.

"Well now I know. I don't feel too good." she answered.

"I didn't mean not to tell you. It's just that Christine asked me upstairs if I had kissed a boy and I wasn't going to lie to her. I had totally forgotten I didn't tell you. I mean it, I am sorry." Allie said.

"Well, I forgive you. I'm not going to let a little secret come between our friendship." Sarah said.

The girls then went back downstairs giggled, laughed, and had a good time with all the other girls. It was a blast. Then Sarah asked, "So how was that kiss?" The girls just laughed.

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