School and Sports, Bad Mix?

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School and sports, bad mix?

School and sports have traditionaly gone hand in hand for generations, but some people think that there is too much emphasis placed on sports and not enough on the academic programs. Is school sports really such a bad thing? Or is it just someone looking for a cause to fight for?

I think that school and sports are a good thing because it encourages academic standards and if these standards are not met the athlete will be unable to compete in his/her chosen sport. In my school the athletes are allowed one failure and any more than that they will become ineligible and will remain so until that grade is brought up. This policy encourages most athletes to keep on top of their work at all times.

In America many people are either overweight or are unhealthy in their eating and exercising habits. These people are usually very inactive, by offering sports in high and middle school we give them an option to become more healthy while at the same time allowing them to have fun.

Also, many young adults are unable to meet the standards of fitness set by the goverment and tested for in their gym class, there are many people who cannot do 5-10 push-ups or it is not uncommon to find people who cannot even do 1 pull-up let alone the required 12 for 15 year olds. Sports require you to be able to do this and it motivates people to be fit and healthy.

School sports also promote interaction with other people and require sportsmanship and teamwork. this is a good skill for use later on in life. If you cannot interact with other people and work well in a group of people then you will have problems later on...

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