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The Scarlet LetterThe Scarlet Letter is a novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The story takes place in seventeenth century Boston in a puritan society. A puritan minister Arthur Dimmsdale, commits adultery with a married woman. Dimmsdale was a very religious man, he was a hypocrite, and he was a coward.

Dimmsdale was a very religious man. He had a large tapestry on his wall paralleling to a story in the bible. He did such a good job preaching to the puritans, he was thought to be the holiest of everyone. After he began torturing himself, he began to look sickly. The townspeople thought he was working too hard.

Dimmsdale was a hypocrite. He was thought to be so holy, but he was a sinner. He had broken one of the first rules. Being a minister he was supposed to have practiced what he preached. He had the symphony of the people by deceiving them into thinking that he was working too hard.

when in fact the was torturing himself over what he had done.

Dimmsdale was a coward. It took him seven years to gather up enough courage to tell the townspeople what he had done. Even then they had symphony for him, but they didn't for Hester seven years ago. He went up the scaffold once but, it was during night time so nobody could see him.

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