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Great (grat)adj.- of outstanding significance or importance Samuel Colt's invention, the revolver revolutionized the world of firearms. It is one of the greatest inventions of all times. This great invention took a truly great person to invent it.

Samuel Colt's childhood molded him into the important person he is. He grew up in Hartford, Connecticut. By the age of six, he was given his first gun. Having his gun at such an early age, brought his attention to firearms. He became a cabin boy on a ship and aboard the ship he made a model of the first revolver. Never before had there been a gun that could fire more than once before reloading.

After building the model revolver, it was time for Samuel to make a real revolving gun. He was able to overcome poverty and open his own company in 1834. By 1835, England, France, and the United States were already using the Colt revolver. However, the revolver was only slowly gaining acceptance and the company shut down in 1847. During the Mexican war, the government ordered 1,000 rifles and revolvers which refueled the business. The Colt revolver was used by the United States During the Civil War.

Samuel Colt did so much more than just invent the revolver. He invented the first electrically charged naval mine. Colt also revolutionized the assembly line. Along with Eli Whitney Jr., Samuel Colt developed the idea interchangeable parts.

Today, the Colt Firearms Company continues to produce the world's most high-tech revolvers. Behind such a successful company was and is a strong founder. Samuel Colt played a prominent role in the history of America by making a revolver which gave us a winning edge in many battles. His assembly line and interchangeable parts also put the United States' industries before any other in the world. Samuel Colt and his inventions were and continue to be important in the United States. This makes him one of the greatest Americans of all time.

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